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The Ripple Part 1
The Ripple Part 1
The Ripple Part 2
The Ripple Part 2
The Ripple Part 3
The Ripple Part 3
The Ripple Bloopers
The Ripple Bloopers
Every 15 Minutes
Every 15 Minutes
The Every 15 Minutes Event at Rhea County High School March 26, 2012. This was a program organized by the Rhea County Anti-Drug Coalition (RCAD) and the Rhea County Sheriff's Department. It was presented to raise awareness of the dangers of drinking and/or texting while driving.

the Edge on life

Decisions...they face us everywhere we turn. Some are small, some are large, all have consequences. And very often people make decisions before they have sufficient knowledge on how to make the best decision. That is our goal. To Engage you, to give you Direction, and to help you Grow into a life of Excellence. Think about it. Be informed. Get theEDGE on life.

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    6 Reasons You Should Sign Up For The Muddy Pumpkin Run Right Now

    Have you ever thought to yourself, “I really wish I was running through mud with a pumpkin under my arm?” Yes?? Well, have I got the event for you!Here are 6 reasons why you should drop everything and sign up for the Muddy Pumpkin Mud Run right now!1. Because you...

    The Lost Art of Asking Someone Out

    If you’re anything like the rest of the world, you’ve probably started a relationship in a digital space. Don’t worry, you’re normal. It turns out , according to Pew Research in 2015 57% of all teens made new friends online. This includes some dating relations...

    How to Plan Ahead For Your Mid-Semester Slump

    Things are about to get CRAZY. They always do. At some point very soon you’re going to get sick, or pooped (yes, I just said pooped!) or just plain lazy. Maybe you’re about to have the best year of your life. Maybe you’re about to have the worst. Whatever happen...

    How to Gamify Your Summer Reading

    The countdown is on. School is coming. It’s not easy to force yourself to read during the summer. It’s the end of summer and you should be outside taking selfies with nature or inside working on your Fortnite skills. It’s hard to sit still with a book for long e...

    18 Cat Memes Your Heart Needs Right Now

    When school is out and the days are long, life is a dream. But sometimes, it’s not. Sometimes we need a pick-me-up, and a cold lemonade isn’t doing the trick. We here at the EDGE understand that life isn’t always daisies and butterflies, so we’ve collected our ...

    Dopamine: Why You Can't Stop Thinking About Ice Cream

    Dopamine, dopamine, dopamine. Oh, sweet dopamine. Just glance through dopamine’s Wikipedia page and you’ll find out that it’s far more confusing that it seems on the surface. There are graphs and technical words that don’t make much sense to the everyday Joe!...

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