This summer there have been many changes to theEdge. We have a new logo and website, but also have had some staff changes. 
      Andrea Sansone is the newest addition to theEdge team. Andrea is coming in to take over as the Education Director. Though Connie Arnold is still currently with the program, she will be leaving this fall to pursue her Masters degree. 
     Andrea is originally from Cookeville, Tenn. where she was born and raised. She graduated from Tennessee Tech University in 1998 with a degree in Sociology, Social Work, and has worked in the field of prevention, foster care and adoption for the last 12 years. 
     Andrea moved to Dayton in August of 2007 and worked as a child abuse investigator for the Department of Children’s Services. She has been a part of theEdge team since June.
     Andrea is married to Joe Sansone and has a 7 year old son named Dillon. She is a member of The Family Church (South Dayton Church of God), where she is a member of the choir and praise team. 
     Andrea loves singing, jogging, boating, fishing, and camping, and has a passion for helping others, encouraging them to be the best that they can be. 
     Having seen the long term effects of poor life choices, Andrea has a desire to help students to avoid these sometimes disastrous consequences.
     We welcome her to theEdge Team!