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Author: Tiffany Soyster Date: February 28, 2014
Columbine. Virginia Tech. Newtown.  These words bring vivid, painful images to our consciousness.  Watchdog organization Parent's Television Council believes that violence in the media leads to violent behaviour in youth.  Read the first part in a series that looks at the correlation between media violence and violent behavior in today's society.
Author: Jenifer Manzo Date: January 31, 2014
In a twisted sense of irony, actor Paul Walker, of the Fast and Furious series, recently passed away in a high-speed car crash.  Too often people say that film and media do not affect reality but tragedies, like Walker's, have caused many to speculate otherwise.
Author: Jenifer Manzo Date: January 31, 2014
"Risky Behaviors cluster." If someone is drinking alcohol or using tobacco they are more likely to engage in other Risky Behaviors, such as premarital sex.  It seems that the movies are reflecting that, or could it be that they are promoting it? Check out this article by Fox News that discusses the increase in movie violence paralleled by a rating system that fails to change as violence increases.
Author: Jenifer Manzo Date: January 31, 2014
The older I get, the more difficult it has been for me to sleep. I don't take naps, I stay away from caffeine and I don't exercise right before bed. So why is it that I, like so many teenagers and young adults, have trouble sleeping?Scientests from Dalhousie University, located in Nova Scotia, Canada, think they've found the reason.
Author: Jenifer Manzo Date: January 31, 2014
Did you know that watching too much television can damage children's brains? My mom used to always tell me watching T.V. would fry my brain. It turns out she wasn't far from the truth!Researchers from Tohoku University have found that children who veiwed more television than their peers had more amounts of gray matter, in their brains, than their peers who watched less television.
Author: Jenifer Manzo Date: January 31, 2014
So often we have students tell us: "It will never happen to me!" especially when we talk about STDs. Unfortunately science says otherwise. Nearly 8,000 teens get an STD every day. And in the southern states the risk is greatly increased. Eight of the top ten states showing contraction of primary and secondary syphillis are southern states.
Author: Jenifer Manzo Date: December 19, 2013
I hope I'm not the only one who remembers the show Full House (I would feel old if that happened)! You know, the show that follows the Tanner family, a single dad of three girls who, with the aid of his best friend and brother-in-law, attempts to navigate parenthood.
Author: Jenifer Manzo Date: December 19, 2013
In an world consumed death and distruction it is nice to see something that celebrates life for a change. Set to the Bee Gees song "To Love Somebody", a Santo Buenos Aires firm produced a commercail for a new Coke product made with  Stevia.  The story follows a married couple through the early ears of parenting.
Author: Jenifer Manzo Date: December 19, 2013
When I say, "Shaken not stirred" who do you think of? Of course you immidiately think of the famous British spy 007, James Bond.  Well it appears that Bond's drink wouldn't be the only thing shaking. According to an article published in the British Medical Journal, researches discovered that if Mr.
Author: Tiffany Soyster Date: November 27, 2013
We often focus on the impact of sex on a teen girl's life.  But, what about the boy? Males teens are dealing with consequences of our hookup culture just like the girls.  Check out the article here.
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