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Author: Tiffany Soyster Date: February 15, 2018
Who’s been watching the 2018 Winter Olympics? Whether you have or not, you’ve surely heard your peers talking about popular athletes, favorite competitions, etc. Take this well-known event and use it as time to connect with your kids. Check out Kathy Koch’s article about ways to communicate with your kids over the Olympics.
Author: Tiffany Soyster Date: February 15, 2018
Entertaining slime videos, makeup tutorials, gaming channels, or daily vlogs. Most of you could say that your kids love watching YouTube. Whether wholesome or not, these videos influence their ideas about the world around them. Especially recently when kids defend famous YouTuber Paul Logan for his explicit videos, this is an issue that needs to be discussed.
Author: Tiffany Soyster Date: February 15, 2018
Personality quizzes can be fun and all, especially when you want to see how well you know someone, but this newer app might take things a bit far, involving questionable, inappropriate categories. Take a look at this article for all you need to know about the FriendO app.
Author: Tiffany Soyster Date: January 05, 2018
If you've never played Truth or Dare, you probably live under a rock. But like everything, it has entered the digital realm. Now, you can find it as an app on your phone or tablet. Beware of this sketchy application though, especially since it recommends that its users be 17 or older.
Author: Tiffany Soyster Date: January 05, 2018
Waiting is not easy. The blooming flowers of spring, warm sunshine that comes with summer, or the crisp fall leaves of autumn can seem to take a lifetime to come around. A cold, dark winter can often feel like a long season of waiting. Do you consider waiting as something good, a time to grow or develop patience?
Author: Tiffany Soyster Date: January 05, 2018
If your teen has a phone or iPad, be sure to check out this application. It can be nerve racking to give your child a phone that has unlimited internet access. By downloading this app to your child's phone, it will restrict any explicit content that you don't want your children viewing, whether intentionally or accidentally.
Author: Tiffany Soyster Date: January 05, 2018
Like many parents, you may be tempted to give your teen or tween a phone to keep them occupied when they are bored or want to communicate with their friends. While this may seem innocent enough, think again. Screen time can impact our kids in ways we still don't fully understand.
Author: Tiffany Soyster Date: December 22, 2017
If you are anything like us, Christmas brings lots of cheer, torn wrapping paper and leftovers. But don't throw them out! Check out these great, healthy recipes to enjoy the week after Christmas!
Author: Tiffany Soyster Date: December 22, 2017
Aw, the memories. Putting up the tree in your pajamas while listening to Christmas music, decorating sugar cookies in the shape of stars, reading the Christmas story together, watching your favorite Christmas movie on Christmas Eve. When you think of family memories, do you think of specific gifts you received or are you reminded of the special memories that you had together?
Author: Tiffany Soyster Date: December 01, 2017
Do you feel like your kids know more about apps than you do? Are you concerned with any of the apps that they are using? Take a look at this article from Common Sense Media to get a feel about some of the apps your kids may be enjoying. 
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