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healthy relationships
healthy relationships

healthy relationships

Checklist for a Healthy Relationship

Mutual Respect
If your bf/gf appreciates you for who you really are.
If they listen when you are uncomfortable and back off without ridicule.

If your bf/gf doesn't get angry or make accusations if they see you talking to other people.

If your bf/gf is truthful when telling you where they are going and what they are doing.

If they are supportive when you are going through a difficult time and also when you are going through good times.

If there is equal give and take in the every day decisions that you make.
If you hang out with your friends/family as much as theirs.

Separate Identities
If you each have your own life - friends, family, hobbies, etc.

Good Commmunication
If your bf/gf speaks honestly and openly to you so there isn't any misunderstanding.
If they give you time to think about something, if you need it, before you talk things through.

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