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healthy marriage
healthy marriage

healthy marriage

You may not have a clear picture of what a healthy marriage looks like. And with so many marriages ending in divorce, it can be hard to imagine marriage as a life-long commitment. Recognize that divorce doesn't just happen. It arises out of other problems, some of which may have been avoided by making wise decisions and developing healthy habits earlier in life.

If you have not witnessed healthy marriage, we want to paint a picture and instill a desire in you for one if you choose to marry someday. The Census Bureau reports that getting married is a decision 90% of people will make at some point in their lives.

When it comes to relationships, opposites really don't attract. So if you want to marry someone with character you have to be someone with character. So why not start now to give yourself the opportunity for a great marriage. In addition to companionship and stability, there are many other physical benefits to being married.

Physical Benefits of Marriage

Twice as likely to be happy
More satisfying sex
More money
Less stress and illness
Less risky behavior
Lower domestic violence
Live longer
Less likely to attempt suicide

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