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get the edge on life

get the Edge on life
get the Edge on life

get the Edge on life

    Life is a long and winding road as it is, so why take any detours along    the way?  TheEdge encourages students to start thinking about their    futures now, in hopes that they avoid all the speed bumps that could come  along.
     Life is teeming with opportunity.  Opportunities to win, lose, cry, laugh, run, sleep, succeed or fail.  What we choose to do with these opportunities determines the outcome.  There can be many alluring temptations in life that may seem like good, fun choices that can actually destroy your life in the long run and rob you of future plans and dreams.  For instance, deciding to binge-drink has a facade of fun that lasts for a little while, however, in the bigger picture it often leads to addiction, poor choice-making, and accidents that could potentially re-orient your entire life in a negative direction.  
    The Edge eagerly desires that people would make smart choices that will benefit them in the big picture and pursue the things that will alleviate painful, harmful consequences.  Every good choice made is a bad choice avoided and the consequences are the fruit of those choices.  We hope to equip students with the ability to make consistently wise choices that will help them get the Edge on Life.

The Edge
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