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get the edge on life

get the Edge on graduation
get the Edge on gratuation

get the Edge on graduation

Graduation: It may seem like it’s just around the corner, or even like it is forever away. But making good decisions today will take you not just to graduation, but beyond.

What do you want to be when you grow up? You were probably asked that question several times as a kid. What did you say? Firefighter? Movie star? Superhero? Your dreams may have changed over time, but no matter what you want to do with your life the journey starts now.

There’s no magical power in a diploma that starts your life in the “real world." Sure, life is different after high school and college; but your life right now is as real as it gets and every decision you make will have consequences that can follow you for the rest of your real life. That can include both positive consequences from good decisions and negative consequences from bad decisions.

For instance, let’s say that you spend your time in high school focused on getting good grades, involved in lots of extra-curricular activities, volunteering in your community, etc. Those simple steps now will pay off in ways that you can’t imagine when it comes time to apply for college scholarships, and may even make the difference in being able to get into the college of your choice.

On the flip side, getting involved with certain negative influences can really limit your future options – a drug charge on your record, for instance, can disqualify you from several career choices. Or if you don’t take the time to really learn the basics in your math and science classes now you’re not going to make the cut when you’re trying to make it into medical school later.

That’s why we here at the Edge care about the choices you make every day. Because we know that the choices you make will not only affect your future, but also the futures of those around you. And we love to see you make the kinds of choices that are going to set you up to have a healthy, successful future. You’ve got goals and dreams, and you can achieve them; but that process starts now, not when you walk across the stage and get that piece of paper.



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