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get the edge on life

get the Edge on fun
get the Edge on fun

get the Edge on fun

Fun doesn’t involve negative peer-pressure, but it may involve a pretty intense pick-up game of basketball.

Our culture often insists that to have fun you have to party hard, get trashed, sleep around, be impulsive, and throw caution to the wind.  However, there is rarely an emphasis on the consequences of such actions.  Many people attempt to live a party-savvy lifestyle, but end up getting a bitter kick in the face from reality-- hangovers, stomach-pumping, vomiting, overdosing, drunk-driving accidents, sexually transmitted diseases, memory loss, unplanned pregnancies, emotional turmoil, etc.

Is there a better way?  We here at the Edge love to have fun...and remember it.  That’s why we encourage students to have a great time in a way that they won’t have to regret later.  Hang out with friends, go to the movies, thrash at a concert, go canoeing, go hiking, make a bonfire, host a dance party, have a video-game tournament...etc.

Get the Edge on fun and have a blast without getting blasted by the consequences.

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