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get the edge on life

get the Edge on confidence
get the Edge on confidence

get the Edge on confidence

A self-confident teen knows who they are, and also knows they can’t be pressured into making unwise decisions.

Middle school is a difficult time.  And, you know what is even more difficult? High school.

Seriously.  After climbing the social ladder to become the upper classman at the middle school, you are thrown into the ocean that is high school. And, you’re at the bottom.

But, here’s the thing. Who cares if you have the latest fashions or the coolest cell phone?  Because, really, all that matters is that you know who you are, and, more importantly, what you stand for.

You know what’s cool?  When someone is their own person. When they are secure in who they are, and don’t try to be something they aren’t.

Here’s the thing. The Edge won’t make you cool. But, the life skills that you gain from the Edge will build your confidence in ways that you may not realize.  You don’t have to have sex to be cool. You don’t have to have sex to keep your boyfriend (or girlfriend) around. You don’t have to drink at a party to have a good time. And you don’t have to worry about being a loser.

You have much more in mind than the false sense of security that comes with a relationship based on sex, or a drink at a party.  You have your mind set on a goal.  And you can have the assurance that you’ll reach that goal. Because you aren’t going to let anything get in your way.

And that, my friend, is the confidence you need. All thanks to the Edge.


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