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get the edge on life

get the Edge on communication
get the Edge on communication

get the Edge on communication

Communication has been watered down in today’s tech-savvy world. Effective communication is vital for success beyond the halls of high school.
With the explosion of technology in recent years, we have unparallelled access to a wide variety of things that help us communicate.  While the breadth of our ability to communicate has certainly increased with tools such as the world wide web and cell phones, the depth of our communication has become increasingly neglected.  

We here at the Edge want to equip people to be excellent communicators.  We know that the effectiveness of quality communication depends on whether or not the message that is sent is received and interpreted in the intended manner.  The bulk of our problems with friends, spouses, children, siblings, co-workers, and acquaintances stem from some breakdown or misunderstanding in communication.  As we become more efficient communicators, we will both preserve and better the relationships we cherish the most.

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