When school is out and the days are long, life is a dream. But sometimes, it’s not. Sometimes we need a pick-me-up, and a cold lemonade isn’t doing the trick. We here at the EDGE understand that life isn’t always daisies and butterflies, so we’ve collected our favorite cat pictures from the internet for just such an occasion.

We did not create any of these memes, they were found in various places throughout the internet (one of our educators spends an embarrassing amount of his free time scrolling through cat memes). If you have a favorite cat meme, or if you’ve made one yourself, share it with us on our facebook, twitter, or instagram! The internet will never have enough pictures of cats. That’s a fact.

Here is a countdown of 18 of our favorite cat memes.


18. The cat with a plan

cat logic basics meme

17. Thoughtful Cat 

funny cat meme of giving 10 bucks for you to buy him something in a box so he can play with the box.

16. The Unroller

Cat attacking the toilet paper and remarking that you sure are home early.

15. The Birdwatchers 

meme about staring at birds

14. Sneaky Cat

cat in disguise meme

13. Sleeping cat

scaredy cat memes

12. Pouting cat 

Fishing cat memes

11. Crazy driver cat

Driving cat memes

10. Impatient cat

Empty box cat memes

9. Thoughtful (but confused) cat

Weird cat memes

8. Imaginative cat

Airplane cat memes

7. Plotting Cat

Plotting cat memes

6. The only child

cat memes 13

5. Nike cat

cat memes 8

4. Mischievous cat

cat memes 40

3. Computer Cat

Computer Cat

2. Couch cat

cat memes 7

1. Hurr durr cat

  Image result for hurr durr im a dog